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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Release Date, When to Expect?

We already have amazing images and incredible specification. Now we have only one question. When?
When is Wacom launching its new Cintiq 24HD — this is the big issue.

Study extra for facts.

Update 9/13/2011: Cintiq 24HD has been released!


September 13 (late September)

Wacom commonly releases its latest gadgets on Mondays-Tuesdays.
So, September 13th or 19th or 26th will be the nearest date to produce Cintiq 24HD.

+ The last Cintiq 21UX was approved by the FSS on February 10, 2010 and Wacom presented the product on March 1. It's less than 3 weeks. Cintiq 24HD was also approved on August 18. So 3 weeks have passed.
+ We already have too much information.
Wacom Cintiq production company was hit hard by the tsunami.
Wacom just released a new cool Inkling gadget recently on August 30.

October 3 (during October)

+ Wacom commonly releases new devices about the first day of the month.
+ It really is well-known that early October is believed since the starting of your vacation purchasing season.


+ It's great selection to releasing the Cintiq 24HD just in advance of Christmas.


Too late for Christmas releases.

Early 2012

+ It's a good time to introduce device at international exhibitions.

Spring-Summer 2012
It's essentially achievable for Cintiq 24HD release date for the reason that Wacom need more time to solve technical problems

Yes, yes. Wacom can completely abolish the release of the product for several reasons.


By far the most probable dates of Cintiq 24HD release date are in early October.
And what do you think?

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Update 9/13/2011: Cintiq 24HD has been released!

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Release date