Tuesday, 13 September 2011 12:59

First Cintiq 24HD expert review

First Cintiq 24HD expert review by engadget.com

We've felt a strange attraction this 24-inch slab of professional graphics wonderment ever since we caught it trying to sneak its substantial bulk through the FCC. How do we feel about it now that it's all official, priced up at a daunting $2500 and we've had some time with it in the flesh?

The H-IPS panel might not sound that special on paper -- 1920x1200 resolution, 550:1 contrast, 178 degree viewing angle -- but those specs overlook the gentle matte quality of the anti-glare display, which is clearly designed to be stared at closely for hours on end. Drawing with the battery-free and cordless pen delivers 2048 degrees of sensitivity and feels about as natural as it gets on this type of device, though there's that inevitable tiny lag between touching the screen and seeing the result.
The 24HD is three inches bigger than last year's Cintiq 21UX, covers a greater color gamut at 92 percent of Adobe RGB, and costs $500 more. But again, none of this really explains how outlandish the 24HD really is: at 65 pounds it's by far the heaviest 24-incher we've never tried to lift, thanks to huge bezels for resting your elbows on and housing large scroll-wheel controls, as well as a sturdy spring-loaded base that lets you work in a myriad of positions. You'll only have to wait til early October to see it in stores, but our hands-on video above should hopefully keep you sated in the meantime.